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The first
decentralized donation
crowdfunding system

3Power, the most complete donation crowdfunding system based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology, aims to create prosperity for the whole community leveraging on the collaborative economy concept supported by new technologies.

“Helping others
provides you with the
opportunity to be helped”

100% Decentralized

What donation crowdfunding is?

It’s a collective funding network that enables to sponsor a given project or generate economic resources for groups or individuals through monetary or in-kind donations. It stands out for not providing returns to sponsors. As a matter of fact, it creates a deep and pristine sense of self-satisfaction for having participated in the chosen project and for being a member of a community that rewards the sponsor with the possibility of having his own project supported by other users, by inviting them to be part of the 3Power system.

3Power’s philosophy is creating prosperity for the whole community

"Helping others provides you with the opportunity to be helped"

A user-friendly system

All your dreams come true with 3Power

A last-gen donation crowdfunding platform

A user-friendly system

and duplicable

The success or failure of all crowdfunded projects is embedded in the ability to create a community of interested individuals who, on their turn, activate other community members.


What is 3Power?
3Power, the most complete donation crowdfunding system based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology, aims to create prosperity for the whole community leveraging on the collaborative economy concept supported by new technologies.
Who is administering the system?
Simply nobody. The 3Power system is fully autonomous insofar as functioning given its position within the Ethereum network. It is supported by a software, Smart Contract, which is run automatically across the network. It cannot be deleted or modified. All data and underlying structures will continue to work even if the webpage crashes, provided that the internet and electricity networks remain operational.
What is Ethereum?
It’s a digital payable-to-the-bearer asset which is equivalent to a virtual currency and does not require any third-party authorization for transaction settlement purposes. It’s fully autonomous, not controlled by any authority, and its value is tied to demand and supply in the digital market. Ethereum is, in fact, a decentralized system (i.e. DeFi) as there’s no neuralgic point. It is run by thousands of volunteer-owned computers, which means that it can never be disconnected.
What is decentralization?
It is a process of dispersing responsibility to all participants in the process.
Where can I store my Ethereum cryptocurrency?
As simple as that, in a wallet! Cryptocurrency wallets are the bridge enabling us to manage our cryptocurrencies. They are software or hardware tools whereby we can settle inbound or outbound operations via each cryptocurrency’s blockchain system.
Which is the best wallet?
3Power works with all Ethereum wallets. We recommend the following:

- For mobile phones: Coinbase (wallet.coinbase.com)
- For desktop or laptop computers: metamask.io (extension)
How do I sign up for 3Power?
1. You must dispose of a member’s invitation link. Should you not, please click on the sign-up button and follow instructions.
2 Pay your 0.029 ETH membership and your account will be activated.

Now, choose the donation request level(s) in which you wish to participate.
How does 3Power reward me?
Please, bear in mind that 3Power is not an interest-based financing system. The reward you are going to get is the feeling of having supported the project of the person that invited you and the possibility of receiving funds for your own project.
How many donors does my project require?
A minimum of 3 donors is required to reach the mid-way milestone, while a minimum of 6 donors is required to cross the finish line.
Who is going to sponsor my project?
Each new 3Power community member must bear in mind that this is a decentralized responsibility system. Hence, a member making a project proposal should then search for support within his family, social, professional or close environment so as to secure the donors required for the project.
How many projects can I propose for funding in 3Power Crowdfunding?
You can propose as many as you may possibly wish, the only condition is that each new project must set the bar a little higher compared with the previous one. Remember that your initial project’s donors will be able to support any new project just by maintaining their will of collaboration. For this reason, the donation crowdfunding leverage system can fully function at all levels with just 6 donors.
How to achieve your goals with 3Power?
You will achieve your goals based on how many donors you invite and their will of proposing projects.
What are the risks?
A system that does not offer any interest or economic returns is 100% risk-free. Your dream will become a real project with your first donor. Should you make a project proposal, inbound donations will be automatically redirected to your personal Ethereum wallet without need for third-party interventions. You can have these resources immediately.